Careers – Senior Analogue Electronics Engineer​

Senior Analogue Electronics Engineer

CoMind is building non-invasive brain-computer interfaces focused on dramatically increasing our understanding of the brain and changing how we interact with computers.

CoMind is looking for an experienced Analogue Electronics Engineer. This role will offer the candidate a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience in analogue electronics design to develop sophisticated circuits for a newly designed state-of-the-art brain-computer interface apparatus. You should have a comprehensive understanding of analogue electronics supported by a strong theoretical background and hands-on experience in bringing-up analogue circuits. You should have a proven track record of successful development of analogue circuits from concept, through design and characterisation, up to system integration. You should effectively communicate your ideas to scientists of different specialities to help them transform concepts into working prototypes. You are not afraid of diving deep into literature to research your ideas and then prove them in the lab.

CoMind is a venture-backed start-up including some of the top investors in Europe and Silicon Valley.

You Should Apply If You Have:

  • Bachelor or Master degree (2:1 or higher) in electronics engineering, physics,
    or other relevant fields or experience within the industry;

  • Excellent theoretical background in analogue electronics;

  • 5+ years of industry hands-on experience (or equivalent) in analogue electronics design;

  • Experience in analogue electronics design including low-noise transistor/op-amp amplifiers,
    signal shapers/conditioners, filters, ADC front-ends, DAC back-ends, phase-locked loops;

  • Experience in developing low-noise amplifiers/balanced detector amplifiers for PIN/APD diodes;

  • Experience in developing laser driver circuits, TEC drivers, low-noise laser power supplies;

  • Comprehensive understanding of signal processing concepts;

  • Experience with noise analysis and analogue circuits shielding;

  • Experience using simulation tools e.g. Spice, AWR;

  • Proven track record of developed electronic circuits;

  • Experience in CAD design including schematics capture, multi-layer PCB layout;

  • Good understanding of design for manufacture and mechanical integration;

  • Hands-on experience in circuit bring-up, testing, debugging, and characterisation;

  • Excellent communication and documentation skills;

Additional Preferred Skills:

  • Experience in developing optoelectronic circuits;
  • Knowledge of medical standards and safety compliance (e.g. EN60601, ISO13485);
  • Experience in design for EMC, CE, CSA, UL;
  • Experience in utilizing microcontrollers (AVR, ARM, STM32, MSP430);
  • Experience in handling optical fibers, optical equipment;
  • Experience with using LabView, Keysight ADS, and MATLAB;
  • Experience in development of medical imaging systems with focus on brain and tissue imaging;
  • Experience in mentoring junior engineers.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive salary plus stock options.

  • Pension.

  • Breakfast and snacks provided.

  • An opportunity to change how humans interact with computers and the potential to save lives.

  • The chance to help grow a company and its culture from the ground up.

  • A promising career growth opportunity. We would much rather promote people who have exceeded expectations in their current role rather than hire new people.

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