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Senior Mechanical Engineer / Industrial Designer

CoMind is building non-invasive brain-computer interfaces focused on dramatically increasing our understanding of the brain and changing how we interact with computers. We are looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer who will collaborate with R&D and engineering teams to develop mechanical solutions for our development and lab work as well as product development.

The role requires a strong understanding of the full design and implementation cycle from prototyping and iterating designs in house to outsourcing part manufacturing for final product delivery. An ideal candidate would have a passion for mechanical design, uses a logical approach to problem-solving and is keen to take ownership of projects.

You will be working alongside Optical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Neuroscientists, Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers to create a new form of neuroimaging, building technology that will transform how humans interact with computers.

CoMind is a venture-backed start-up including some of the top investors in Europe and Silicon Valley.

Essential Functions Of The Role:​

The role will offer the candidate a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and develop their own creative solutions in an experimental environment. We are looking for creative thinkers, who work well in a team, and who welcome new challenges and solve problems with a fresh and unique perspective. You never shy away from and enjoy solving difficult problems and helping others to solve difficult problems.

You should have a thorough in-depth understanding of highly technical concepts and principles, and also Interact with cross-functional teams to understand design and business constraints

You should be able to work effectively and cooperatively with a diverse and multidisciplinary team of engineers and researchers. You should be able to effectively communicate your needs, concepts, and ideas to the rest of the team to enable them to transform these into designs and systems. You should have an entrepreneurial mindset and a very strong work ethic. You are a fast learner and adaptable to different problems even if you don’t have as much experience in that area.

You Should Apply If You Have:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in mechanical engineering or other relevant fields.
  • The ability to execute design, analysis and evaluation using core engineering principles and adhere to business standards and product requirements.
  • 5+ years of industry hands-on experience (or equivalent) in mechanical design and development.
  • Proficient design and development using CAD (SOLIDWORKS), engineering drawings, and tolerance stacks for mechanical and electrical components and assemblies.
  • Proven experience implementing mechanical engineering principles, vibration analysis, heat transfer, finite element analysis, statistics and drafting practices.
  • Proven experience designing and iterating parts for manufacture by means of injection moulding, CNC and sheet metal forming processes.
  • Proven experience in designing for manufacture.
  • Hands on prototyping experience with workshop tools and 3D printing
  • Knowledge on medical standards and safety compliance, e.g. IEC60601 and ISO13485.
  • Experience throughout the full product life cycle, from ideation to the outsourcing and control of final part manufacture.
  • Ability to understand the underlying physics of complex problems, and carry out appropriate calculations by hand or program to analyse and validate solutions.
  • Highly creative first principle thinker who thrives on hard problems and is a natural people person.
  • Awareness of product performance, reliability, and cost expectations, and ensure these are met within the planned timeline of the project.
  • Clear and concise documentation and communication skills.

Additional Preferred Skills:

  • Optical/medical industry experience, especially in optomechanical coupling

  • Previous experience designing and/or integrating MEMS into designs
  • Proven ability to perform complex engineering analyses resulting in thorough and complete documentation
  • Previous experience designing wearable or portable systems
  • Ability to work effectively within a highly collaborative environment
  • A solid grasp of engineering and basic physics to understand the broader design and development considerations of complex instrumentation
  • Personal projects and an extensive portfolio of relevant work done in your own time.
  • Experience managing equipment and projects, including specification development, supplier selection, technical reviews, and tooling installation.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive salary plus stock options.

  • Pension.

  • Breakfast and snacks provided.

  • An opportunity to change how humans interact with computers and the potential to save lives.

  • The chance to help grow a company and its culture from the ground up.

  • A promising career growth opportunity. We would much rather promote people who have exceeded expectations in their current role rather than hire new people.

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