Senior Software Engineer - Algorithms and High-Performance Computing

CoMind is building non-invasive brain-computer interfaces focused on dramatically increasing our understanding of the brain and changing how we interact with computers.

CoMind is looking for a Senior Software Engineer who has experience working alongside R&D or engineering teams in a dynamic and fast-changing environment. You will focus on optimising our signal-processing and data analysis so that it can make the most of the available compute resources. An ideal candidate would bring a passion for building robust software systems the correct way, the first time. You will be working alongside Optical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Neuroscientists, Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers to create a new form of neuroimaging, building technology that will transform how humans interact with computers.

CoMind is a venture-backed start-up including some of the top investors in Silicon Valley and Europe.

You Should Apply If You Have:

  • Expert level C/C++ with 5+ years of professional experience
  • Experience optimizing algorithms using parallelism (thread-level or on a GPU)
  • Experience in writing production-ready algorithms for data analysis, preferably in signal processing and numerical computing
  • Experience with command line development tools in a Linux environment
  • Experience writing test-driven code
  • Ability to gather requirements from collaborators, synthesize into development work items, describe to colleagues and discuss implementation ideas, record issues.

Additional Preferred Skills:

  • Advanced degree in Computer Science, Machine learning, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, or related field

  • Experience using HLS to interact with systems that contain FPGA processing
  • Experience in health, medical and/or clinical data systems
  • Strong communication, and organizational skills
  • Adept at participating in scrum-agile process, technical discussions, and technology choices

What We Offer:

  • Competitive salary plus stock options.

  • Pension.

  • Breakfast and snacks provided.

  • An opportunity to change how humans interact with computers and the potential to save lives.

  • The chance to help grow a company and its culture from the ground up.

  • A promising career growth opportunity. We would much rather promote people who have exceeded expectations in their current role rather than hire new people.

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The future of non-invasive neural interfaces.


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