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Signal Processing Engineer

CoMind is building non-invasive brain-computer interfaces focused on dramatically increasing our understanding of the brain and changing how we interact with computers.

CoMind is looking for an experienced Software Engineer who has hands-on experience working on signal processing especially focused on biological signals. You will utilise and build algorithms to improve signal detection allowing the advent of more advanced brain imaging technologies. You will be working in a rapidly growing team to build technology which will change how humans interact with technology. You will also be working alongside Hardware Engineers, Neuroscientists and Machine Learning Engineers to create a new form of neuroimaging. You must have experience with classical signal-processing methods as well as the ability to develop application-specific tools and be adaptable and ready to learn.

CoMind is a venture-backed start-up including some of the top investors in Europe.

Essential Functions Of The Role:​

The role will offer the candidate a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and develop their own creative solutions in an experimental environment. We are looking for creative thinkers, who work well in a team, and who welcome new challenges and solve problems with a fresh and unique perspective. You never shy away from and enjoy solving difficult problems and helping others to solve difficult problems.

You should have a thorough understanding of software engineering, signal processing and tools that enable signal improvements. You should be intuitive and enjoy diagnosing and identifying potential signal-to-noise ratio improvements in neuroimaging systems.

You should be able to work effectively and cooperatively with a diverse and multidisciplinary team of engineers and physicists. You should be able to effectively communicate your needs, concepts, and ideas to the rest of the team to enable them to transform these into reality. You should have an entrepreneurial mindset and a very strong work ethic. You are a fast learner and adaptable to different problems even if you don’t have as much experience in that area.

You Should Apply If You Have:

  • Master's degree with 3+ years of industry experience or PhD with 2 years of industry experience in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Telecommunications or a related field.

  • 3+ years of experience in software engineering.

  • 2+ years of experience in signal processing, statistics and analysis with a focus on biomedical data.

  • 1+ years of practical (not just research) experience designing, developing, deploying and testing signal processing algorithms.

  • Experience using programming languages such as Python, R or C++.

  • Experience with machine learning.

  • Experience using techniques such as Independent component analysis (ICA), PCA, wavelet analysis and de-noising, EMD/EEMD, adaptive filtering and other related methods.

  • Proof of exceptional ability in software engineering or a similar field.

  • Highly creative first-principles thinker who thrives on hard problems and is a natural people person and leader.

Additional Preferred Skills:

  • 1+ years of experience in neuroimaging analysis.

  • 1+ years of experience with neuroimaging software tools, e.g. SPM, FreeSurfer, PyCortex.

  • 1+ examples of patent authorship and invention disclosures.

  • Experience in collecting, analyzing, and managing complex neuroimaging datasets.

  • Personal projects and an extensive portfolio of relevant work done in your own time.

  • Excellent documentation and communication skills.

  • Multiple publications in the field.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive salary plus stock options.

  • Pension.

  • Breakfast and snacks provided.

  • An opportunity to change how humans interact with computers and the potential to save lives.

  • The chance to help grow a company and its culture from the ground up.

  • A promising career growth opportunity. We would much rather promote people who have exceeded expectations in their current role rather than hire new people.

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