Next Generation Non-Invasive Neural Interfaces


Next generation non-invasive neural interfaces


We see a future where humans will communicate with technology using their brain alone

Our long-term mission is to lead a revolution in brain-computer interfacing and change how humans interact with technology for the better.

We are building a centre-of-excellence in Neurotechnologies.

We are pioneering non-invasive neural interfaces to further our collective understanding of the human brain and of numerous neurological disorders.

We are focused on creating our technologies for the greater good

Ethics, security and safety is at our core, and we pride ourselves on building technologies that aim to positively impact the world and benefit everyone fairly.

Our Team

We are assembling a world-class team of scientists and engineers to build the future of neural interfaces. We welcome smart, ambitious, and creative individuals with a passion for building innovative technologies for a positive purpose.

Career Opportunities


Senior Analogue Electronics Engineer

London, UK

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

London, UK

Senior Software Engineer

London, UK

Senior Software Engineer, Algorithms and High-Performance Computing

London, UK

DevOps Engineer

London, UK

Senior Mechanical Engineer / Industrial Designer

London, UK

Program Manager

London, UK


The future of non-invasive neural interfaces.


To learn more about how we are leading the next cognitive and computing revolution, get in touch with us at:

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