About Us

Our mission is to redefine the way the brain is measured and treated to optimise patient outcomes across the care continuum.

CoMind is a team of highly skilled and passionate individuals working towards the development of innovative neuromonitoring devices and neural interfaces.

Through the technology we are building, doctors will gain access to a huge range of critical neurophysiological signals, many of which are inaccessible today, in a single, simple, non-invasive measurement at the patient’s bedside.

The Team

Leading experts with a proven track record of developing and commercialising products globally.

James Dacombe Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
Dr. Rob Cooper Chief Scientific Officer
Chema Garcia-Soto, MBA Chief Commercial Officer
Dr. Marc Bloom Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Claus Lindner Director of Engineering
Morgan Lockyer Chief of Staff
Mimosa Nguyen Director of People
Dr. Dawid Borycki Staff Research Scientist
Scientific Advisory Board

World-leading academics and clinicians. The board is charged with providing independent, broad-scope scientific and clinical guidance for the research, development, and clinical translation work being undertaken at CoMind.

Professor Philip Bath Scientific Advisory Board Member
Dr. Mark Chevillet Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board
Professor Turgut Durduran Scientific Advisory Board Member
Dr. Jana Kainerstorfer Scientific Advisory Board Member
Dr. David Segar Scientific Advisory Board Member


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