We are creating technologies that will be used for the greater good

Neural interfaces have the potential to disrupt the way humans interact with technology. At CoMind we are building these revolutionary technologies with ethics at the forefront of our mind so that our technologies are used for the greater good and used to improve human life for the better. Traditional technologies have often been built at the expense of humans, without a thought for the negative impact they can potentially have. At CoMind we stay close to our values and ensure that we carefully think about the huge impact our technologies can have on society - we responsibly build ethics into our technologies from the bottom up, enabling us to fulfil our mission of improving the way humans interact with machines.

Our Principles

Our technologies will be used for the greater good and to improve people’s lives

Our technologies are intended to be used for the greater good of humanity and to solve the world’s pressing problems.

Our technologies will improve our understanding of the brain

The neural data that we collect allows a significant improvement in understanding of the brain and contributes positively to the field.

Users own their data and always have full control over it​

We never share user data, and are always transparent with where the data is stored and what it is used for. Users own their own neural data and always have full control over it.

Our technologies will be accessible and affordable to all

We plan to create technologies that are fair and accessible for all, not only the rich.

Our technologies will be safe and tested

We will conduct rigorous testing on their technologies to ensure that they are safe to use.

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The future of non-invasive neural interfaces.


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